The Power of Fermentation


Clever’s proprietary fermentation process uses a combination of beneficial microorganisms to break down sugars, starches and other components in fruit. Specifically, our technology releases and transforms the abundant polyphenolic compounds in fruits which would otherwise be poorly absorbed in the digestive tract.  

This fermentation may be regarded as a “pre-digestion” step that allows polyphenolic compounds to be more readily absorbed, enhancing their nutritional impact and health benefits. 

Our biotransformation technology:  

  • enables a superior polyphenolic extraction, that protects and preserves the powerful compounds
  • augments the original healthful properties of the fruit through the creation of new bioactive compounds 
  • creates a “post-biotic” (pre-digested) product for enhanced absorption

Fermented Wild Blueberry Ingredient

Our fermented wild blueberry powder is developed from the North American Wild Blueberry (Vaccinium angustifolium). The wild blueberry is recognized as one of the world’s richest sources of anthocyanins; polyphenolic compounds that have been linked to improved cardiovascular health, blood sugar maintenance, neuroprotection, anti-inflammatory and immune health. 

The launch of our fermented wild blueberry ingredient is scheduled for 2021.

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Natural Cholesterol Management Ingredient

Our cholesterol-management ingredient offers a natural, high-efficacy solution to cholesterol management. 

Results from pre-clinical trials indicate that it has double the efficacy of the leading natural solution to cholesterol management and lowers “LDL” cholesterol, otherwise known as “bad” cholesterol, by as much as 40%.

Our pre-clinical study produced the following results when compared with the control group:

  1. Total cholesterol reduced by approx. 40%
  2. Good Cholesterol (HDL) increased by 50%
  3. Bad Cholesterol (LDL) reduced by 38.9%
  4. Triglycerides (blood fat) reduced by 24%

The launch of our cholesterol-management ingredient is scheduled for 2022.