Clever Fruit Appoints Innovative Agricultural Industry Leader Liam Tayler

By September 17, 2019October 9th, 2019No Comments

Clever Fruit Products (“Clever Fruit”) is pleased to announce Liam Tayler has joined Clever Fruit in the capacity of President. As the former Director of Commercialization for a similar company focused on the haskap berry, Tayler brings over 20 years of international experience and specializes in the evaluation and development of new products from concept to execution.

Tayler will also be responsible for Clever Fruit’s Product and Regulatory Management and will help Clever Fruit to evolve its market strategy for innovative fruit-based functional food products targeting specific health benefits.


“We have been looking for someone who has expertise in innovative agricultural industry for Clever Fruit for quite some time now,” said Sean Sears, Chairman of Clever Fruit. “Mr. Tayler’s experience in product development coupled with his time spent focused on the haskap berry will be an asset to our company.”


About Liam Tayler:

Liam Tayler is a dedicated professional with over 20 years’ experience in managing all facets of emerging and existing business concepts. Tayler specializes in the development of new business ideas and possesses a demonstrated history of working in the innovative agricultural industry.

During this time spent as Director of Commercialization, the company received many industry awards under Tayler’s direction, such as: Best New Juice (World Juice Awards), Innovative Product of the Year, Consumer Choice Product of the Year (Taste of NS), Top 10 Food Innovators (Food in Canada) and a product Innovation Award (International Union of Food Science and Technology).

About Clever Fruit Products:

Clever Fruit Products (“Clever Fruit”) is a functional food ingredients manufacturer targeting improved health outcomes. Clever Fruit’s technology is a unique approach to fermentation that draws out the full nutrient profile of the underlying fruit while creating new compounds. While Clever Fruit’s proprietary process can work with any fruit, its focus is on wild blueberry, apple, and cranberry. Its initial product is based on the wild blueberry and early trials suggest a potential to reduce cholesterol by 40% and reduce LDL oxidation, lowering the possibility of plaque formation in the arteries.

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