Naturally Scientific

Naturally Scientific

Clever Fruit Products (CLEVER™) is a functional food ingredients manufacturer targeting improved health outcomes.

CLEVER™  is focused on providing health invoking products to improve cholesterol profiles and help people avoid the potential risk of heart attack and stroke. Early testing results indicate a 40% reduction in cholesterol levels may be possible.

CLEVER™ technology is a unique approach to fermentation that draws out the full nutrient profile of the underlining fruit and creates new compounds. This proprietary process can work with any fruit with Clever using wild blueberry, apple, and cranberry.

The Company’s products are all natural and based on fruit from pristine Nova Scotia, Canada. Clever has access to a large supply of NS Wild blueberry, recognized as the most Blueberry in the world. Nova Scotia is also home to one of the oldest and most biodiverse Annapolis Valley apple orchards.

Clever has worked extensively with early stage venture incubator Innovacorp, after winning $50k in their Spark Competition. Clever also graduated from Canada’s national virtual incubator Bio Enterprise at the University of Guelph and is now working with leading life science accelerator BioNova.


About Us

CLEVER™ is a functional food creator whose customers are food, juice, supplement, and nutraceutical manufacturers. It provides potential resolution for cholesterol health, particularly for those with high cholesterol who are statin intolerant.

It also services customers seeking a better blueberry or apple powder. Recognizing Clever’s technology provides distinct improvements over current source, particularly customers concerned with bioavailability, shelf life and integrity in ingredient efficacy.

CLEVER™ product development is science-based and led by Dalhousie Professor Dr. Vasantha Rupasinghe, a Functional Food Scientist and the Killam Chair of Functional Food and Nutraceutical. CLEVER™ is currently working with Perennia Innovation Center progressing with the Research and Development required for product manufacturing.