Clever Fruit Selected for Exclusive Investor Meetings with Nutrition Capital Network and Natural Products Canada

Clever Fruit Products (“Clever Fruit”) is pleased to announce it has been selected as one of the 20 presenting companies at Natural Products Canada’s (“NPC”) annual Investor Meeting with Nutrition Capital Network (“NCN”). The event provides the opportunity for the selected high-potential companies to meet with investors in the nutrition and natural health products space.

Clever Fruit was evaluated by NCN’s selection committee on a number of factors including its team, market knowledge, product positioning, sales forecasts, and product innovation. After a vigorous selection process, Clever Fruit was selected to present and introduce its proprietary functional food ingredient to investors in the Nutrition Capital Network.

“We are thrilled to be participating at NPC’s annual Investor Meeting with the Nutrition Capital Network later this month,” said Liam Tayler, President of Clever Fruit. “We believe Clever has a strong growth potential and unique fit within the functional food industry, and our successful selection helps present an opportunity to share our company’s story.”

About Nutrition Capital Network:

Nutrition Capital Network (NCN) is an organization that connects investors with high-potential growth companies in the Nutrition and Health & Wellness Industries. NCN hosts five Investor Meetings each year dedicated to ingredients and technology: the East Coast Spring Meeting (New York), a West Coast Fall Meeting (San Francisco), an annual European Investor Meeting (Geneva, Switzerland), a Canadian Event (Toronto) in late summer, and an annual half-day meeting in the fall (Las Vegas).

About Natural Health Products

Natural Products Canada (NPC) originated with the idea that Canada could be a global leader in the multi-billion-dollar natural products sector. From shore to shore, Canada is bursting with natural resources, scientific expertise, business acumen, and innovation support programs. NPC is Canada’s Centre of Excellence for Commercialization and Research of natural products, funded by the National Centres of Excellence along with numerous private and public partners who share the belief in this untapped opportunity.

About Clever Fruit Products:

Clever Fruit Products (“Clever Fruit”) is a functional food ingredients manufacturer targeting improved health outcomes. Clever Fruit’s technology is a unique approach to fermentation that draws out the full nutrient profile of the underlying fruit while creating new compounds. While Clever Fruit’s proprietary process can work with any fruit, its focus is on wild blueberry, apple, and cranberry. Its initial product is based on the wild blueberry and early trials suggest a potential to reduce cholesterol by 40% and reduce LDL oxidation, lowering the possibility of plaque formation in the arteries.

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